Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I miss our days. Not just any days but days where I thought of you and you thought of me too. Our days. 

I was wrong to make you wait but I did. If I could take it back, I would. But things worked out and we came to be. 

I remember bragging on you to all of my friends and family members. I remember getting the jokes and comments but still proudly calling you mine. I cherished it. I cherished you. 

Then time passed and life happened. 

Slowly school and work crept into our lives. And slowly, it became your life and mine. 

Then, the insecurities came in. 

The paranoia of wondering if there is someone better for you out there, if your attention was no longer for me. Days, even a week or two, no call or text. 


What is left?

Fear of being too attached? Fear of being a hassle? Fear of being bothersome? Or fear of being less of a man than you deserve because my emotions hold me powerless daily?

Gone are the days of innocence, the joy of being young and in love for you we're the first I truly trusted with my heart, and God willing, the last. 

But may I ask?

Do you still feel the way that I do?

Did you ever?

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