Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Identity Beyond Ethnicity: Asian.

It occurs to me that I've never really identified myself as asian out of all honesty. Now this is not a bash on this continent of Asia nor the cultures that it is comprised of but I've always seemed to never see myself as asian.

Now I can chalk this up into personal experience. Examples, such as:

-being seen differently by my own "brothers and sisters"
-being treated differently
-not being taught the language of my heritage (Thai)
-nor being raised in traditional customs and/or cultural environments

I can chalk this up also from feeling like the person on the outside looking in as well.

Is this the reasoning behind the way I view people? Debatable indeed.

I can remember seeing a group of asian people and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, whereas if I were to see a different, mixed, or diverse group of people, I would feel more akin to join.

As I am typing this, I honestly do not know the intent behind this nor do I know whether anyone can relate to such a post but I feel that all angles of thought in regards should be explored no matter how irrelevant it may seem.

I do wish that even though we are people, we are weak and vulnerable people at best. Acceptance doesn't seem to fit within this context to end such an obscure post but yes, we seek some measure if not from others but rather ourselves...

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  1. Totally understand! Just insert 'black' for Asian in my scenario. I've always felt like Ana outsider in a room full of black pll.. Always got the Oreo comments.. And much prefer diverse environments..